our food

An Experience

Adraga was founded in 1905 with a vision to bring the unique tastes of the sea to Adraga, all with a focus on using the freshest locally sourced ingredients.

Meet Our Chef

Our talented and experienced chef puts all his love in to our dishes and enjoys seeing the many happy faces of our guests as they taste his delicious food.


What more could a chef ask for than satisfied diners!

“Cooking is my passion and I love creating mouthwatering dishes using the best locally caught, fresh fish.”

Feel the taste of the sea

We offer an excellent choice of fish and shellfish which is all lovingly prepared by our talented chefs.

Each fish is brought directly to your table for you to see before it is cooked to your liking and you can even select your own lobster or crab from our tank in the restaurant.

Local sea-to-Table

All our fish and shellfish is fished locally, allowing you to experience the unique taste and delights of the sea delivered straight to your plate.